Thursday, March 15, 2018


20 Minute Prompt Writing Exercise: 
Create a made-up story using the following words: Irish, clover, green, family

Boy, could I use a little Irish luck
Lately, everything I touch ends up in the muck
My alarm clock died and didn’t wake me up
Then on the way out the door, I tripped over my pup
The car wouldn’t start so I rode the bus
And sat behind a couple that could only fuss
Kids were laughing and being mean
They were looking at my socks… one brown and one green
When I arrived to work, I tried to relax
But when I walked in, they said I broke the fax
I wanted to hide and pretend I was busy
But my boss walks in all up in a tizzy
I messed up an order and the family was unhappy
They wanted cheerful not my message that was sappy
I tried running away but I tripped and fell over
Maybe my luck is changing… I fell on a four-leaf clover