Sunday, January 25, 2015


You make me crazy
And do you know why that is
It’s because you’re always in my head
Night and day.  Day and night.
Always there
It’s like you’re a part of my psyche
No, its deeper than that
You’re a part of my body and soul
You’re not even here
But when I step, when I breathe, when I sleep
I think of you
I feel you
And it makes me crazy
You know what I need to get uncrazy
I need you out of my head
And in my arms
Better yet, in my bed
Then we can get crazy together
And when we’re all crazied out
We can lay down to breathe, to sleep
And I can feel you
Not in my head
But for real
What’s so crazy about that

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday you walked into my life.
And until that very moment,
I didn’t know what I was missing.
But once the realization was there,
I knew I wanted to hold you
And never let you go.

Today we walk together
And I cherish every step.
I don’t know what I’d do
Without you by my side.
You are my heart, my soul, my strength.

Tomorrow we’ll walk into forever.
Looking back on the steps we’ve taken.
The fun we’ve had.
The love we’ve made.

And hope to do it all over again in eternity

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Not So Sleepy - A Twisted Fairy Tale

I have a secret but you can't tell anyone...I'm not really as sleepy as people think. Why, you might ask, would I pretend to sleep so much? Well, the truth is, when people think I'm asleep, they forget that I'm there. I become a part of the background so people don't feel the need to watch what they say or do.  I learn a lot that way.

And, I do mean a lot!

For the most part, things were pretty boring. But, that was before she showed up. When Snow got here, things got interesting.

As a silent observer, I've learned a lot about my roomies and know them pretty well.  The moment it was decided that Snow would stay with us I knew the drama was not too far behind.

Just look at Grumpy.  Originally, he was the only one who was against Snow staying.  He just kept saying that all women are evil.  It was hard to believe that someone so smart actually believed that she would cast a spell on all of us!  Anyway, as time went by, even old Grumpy started to grow fond of her.  All that changed when Snow referred to Doc as the smartest person she knew.  We let Doc be the leader because he has the better temperament but we all know Grumpy is way smarter.  He's close to being a genius but you'd never know because of that gruff exterior.  Just as I pretended to drift off to sleep, I saw a look flash across Grumpy's face that I'd never seen before...sadness.  After everyone else had left the room, I heard Grumpy take a big sigh and say, "Even she doesn't know me."  For the first time, I saw a softer side of Grumpy.

As I said earlier, Doc had a pretty good temperament.  And though not a genius like Grumpy, he's still pretty smart.  However, once Snow arrived, you couldn't tell he was smart at all. Doc was always confident.  Almost arrogant at times.  But, when Snow was around, there were moments when he couldn't even talk straight.  When he asked me to "milk the pass" at breakfast, I knew he had a serious crush.

And speaking of crush, there's poor Bashful.  If he blushes any more, we'll use him as a nightlight. None of us have been around girls much.  Her beauty is breathtaking but for Bashful, that was literal. He just could not bring himself to string a sentence together.  It's so frustrating for him because he's such a romantic.  When he's practicing in the mirror, he sounds really good.  He says all the right things.  Once he gets in front of her, he's a bumbling, mumbling, stumbling mess!

Dopey wasn't much better.  He's another smart guy but he's so silly and goofy that you'd never know. His silliness tripled with Snow's arrival.  He just wanted to make her laugh and that was something we all appreciated. She had the best laugh.  It was a marvelous combination of sweet and sexy.  It was probably my favorite thing about her.  And even though we liked hearing her laugh, it came at a price.  Dopey's jokes began to become annoying especially when they were at our expense.  I'm sure he'd ease up on the jokes if he knew what the boys were doing to his toothbrush.

Happy and Snow had the best relationship.  They were often taking walks and chatting with each other.  The boys were sort of jealous of all the time they were spending together.  They didn't have anything to worry about.  Happy didn't have any interest in her.  He just appreciated having someone who shared his interests.  The boys are a good bunch of fellows but poetry wasn't exactly a hot topic at the dinner table.

And lastly, there was Sneezy.  Snow loved this perfume made from a flower that she found in the woods.  It was the most beautiful scent and we all loved it.  Only thing was that Sneezy was super allergic to it.  Snow loved it so much and it smelled so good that Sneezy didn't have the heart to tell her.  The entire time she was with us, Sneezy's occasional sneezes and runny nose mutated into sneezing fits that often ended with Sneezy blowing himself off his stool right in the middle of dinner.

By this point I'm pretty sure that you're wondering what my story is. I've told everyone else's business so I should tell mine too. Well, my story is a long one and better left for another day.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

You Know You're A Writer When

I’m just an old country girl with a big dream… to be a best selling author.  According to a story my elementary teacher told me, I’ve been writing since the 2nd grade.  Apparently, after she read my first story, I got upset and started crying when I mistook her compliment as a criticism.  Honestly, I have not recollection of that at all but I believe it happened.  It sounds like a reaction I would’ve had.  I’ve always been overly sensitive.

In middle school, I started writing poetry.  I was chosen to read one that I had written at my 8th grade graduation.  To this day, I can still recite it:

Today is not a day for crying
Or one for long goodbyes
But a day to look back and smile
At all that we have done
The good times, the bad times and all those in between
Can now be looked upon as pleasant memories
Yes, there will be tears to flow
And a couple of goodbyes
But even when we’re gone
And all the tears have dried
The memory we’ll have
Will always live inside

In high school, an essay of mine won me ten days in Ireland.

In college, I had a couple of articles published in the school newspaper.

By then, I knew I was destined to be featured on Oprah’s Book Club.  But then, Oprah’s show went off the air and my hopes were crushed…

…Okay.  They really weren’t.  I knew the odds of me making her book club would be slim to none, but it was(is) a fun dream to have.  It’s sort of like daydreaming about what would happen if you won the lottery.

Someday, I would love to be recognized for my writing.  Just like anything, there are risks when you put your work out there.  However, I will not let fear deter me from writing.  Writing is something that I have to do.  Putting pen to paper is natural and necessary to me.

People have said that cowboys die with their boots on.  I’ll die with a pen in my hand.

Words of Wisdom: “If, when you wake up in the morning, you can think of nothing but writing…then you are a writer.” (Rainer Maria Rilke)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year's Resolution

Well, it’s that time of year.  Time to make those New Year’s resolutions.  
I guess it's human nature to want to make a fresh start at the beginning of a new year.  I’m just as guilty as everyone else of making a list of things that I want to do… lose weight, be more organized, etc., etc.  But, by February, I’m back on the Pepsi and my desk is a mess!  Who knows… maybe this will be my year.  After all, I do have a wife to keep me on track.  That’s all I really need.  Someone or something to keep me on track.  
I’m really beginning to think I have adult ADD or something.  It’s crazy.  I have so many projects that I start but I never seem to finish.  I just get bored or something.  At one point, I was obsessed with writing, then there was knitting, then I was back to writing, and then there was guitar playing.  Now, I’m back to writing.
Since I seem to keep circulating back to writing, I guess that’s my calling.  I’ve been writing stories since I was in the second grade so it makes sense.  For a couple of months, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a blog going.

So, maybe it’s finally time to tell my story in 2015.