Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Three Strikes

My game just started
But I stepped up to the plate with two strikes
I’m Black
And a woman
Years later I would admit my truth
I’m gay
Strike three

How do you win
When the odds are stacked against you

Instead of being pitched opportunities
I’m often beaned with insults
Or worse
Told to stay in the dugout

All I want is to play in a fair game
For spectators to look past my uniform
And see me
Cheer me on as I run the bases
Don’t block the plate
Allow me to score

Strike one
Strike two

Time out

I think it's time to change the game

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

In The Way

I need to write
I want to write
But, as usual
I'm in the way

Striving for perfection
    before pen hits paper
Frozen with a fear
    of inadequacy

I'm my own worst enemy

I need to write
I want to write
But, as usual
I'm in the way

How do I fight an
    enemy that is me
How do I save myself
    from myself

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Trio of Virtue

Once upon a time when phones had cords and # meant number, there lived a super trio. Their names were Respect, Integrity, and Kindness. This trio was very special because they could exist anywhere. It didn't matter if the group was Black or White. Christian or Muslim. Blue Devils or Tarheels. They all blended in well and helped to bridge the gaps between these groups. Even in times of discord, Respect, Integrity, and Kindness were there to help maintain civility of all those involved.
For some reason, the Trio of Virtue seems to be losing their powers. Many no longer listen to or follow their guidance. It's as if Respect, Integrity, and Kindness are no longer valued.  Luckily, there are those who want to keep them strong.
But, is there enough positive energy to revitalize this once powerful and respected trio?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Creative Frenzy

I want to write a poem
Or maybe a book
Or perhaps a song
With a snappy hook

I want to play guitar
Make music from my heart
Even learn the keyboard
Compose melodious art
I want to draw pictures
Both abstract and real
A visual image
Of how I really feel

All this creativity
Waiting to burst out
Time to start working
No time for self doubt
Gonna pick up my pen
Gonna open up my heart
With this little ditty
Being my creative start

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ending the Stigma

Today, I’m celebrating because my article is trending on an online magazine.  In one day, over 2500 people have read words that I wrote.  It is such an awesome feeling.  What is even more awesome is the topic.  

I wrote about dealing with suicidal thoughts.  

Not too long ago, I was embarrassed to mention that I deal with depression and anxiety.  It’s always felt like something you didn’t speak about.  But, I now realize more than ever that not speaking about it is the root of so many problems.  Ignoring an issue does not make it go away.  It just makes it worse.

Even though it’s still a little uncomfortable, I find myself sharing my experiences more.  I feel like I have to.  I managed to go through the fire and come out smiling on the other side.  Maybe some of the lessons I’ve learned can help someone else come through their fire.  

Sunday, March 19, 2017


For some reason, when I open up the Facebook app on my phone it would sometimes open up to the Marketplace screen instead of my newsfeed.  I always found that very annoying.  On Friday, when it opened up, there was a picture of a typewriter for sale.  It needed a lot of work, but it prompted me to search to see what else was available.  

On several occasions, I’ve talked about wanting an old school typewriter.  I wanted to hear the click, click, click of the keys as I typed my masterpieces. Whenever someone used one of those typewriters in the movies, it always gave a sense of being a “real” writer.  Anyway, I came across one that was in good condition for only $50.  Today, I went to pick it up and just as I was about to arrive at the meeting place, a thought came to mind.  Synchronicity.
Michelle and I have been attending a The Artist’s Way workshop.  It’s based on the book by Julia Cameron that guides people through reconnecting with their creative inner child.  This week’s reading had to do with synchronicity which is defined as “meaningful coincidences.”

Friday was the first time that I’d gotten past my annoyance and actually looked at something on the Marketplace screen.  What are the odds that it would be a typewriter? Was the universe trying to talk to me?
In my heart, I really want to write.  But, I keep getting in my own way.  I hope that by the end of this workshop, my inner child’s creative spirit is renewed.  I hope that I can pinpoint and then kick to the curb whatever this block is that I have so that I can write more than the occasional blog post.
I shared with the lady that was selling the typewriter that I was a writer.  When she handed it over to me, her last words were “Take care of it, Hemingway.”
Well played, Universe.  Message received.