Thursday, March 15, 2018


20 Minute Prompt Writing Exercise: 
Create a made-up story using the following words: Irish, clover, green, family

Boy, could I use a little Irish luck
Lately, everything I touch ends up in the muck
My alarm clock died and didn’t wake me up
Then on the way out the door, I tripped over my pup
The car wouldn’t start so I rode the bus
And sat behind a couple that could only fuss
Kids were laughing and being mean
They were looking at my socks… one brown and one green
When I arrived to work, I tried to relax
But when I walked in, they said I broke the fax
I wanted to hide and pretend I was busy
But my boss walks in all up in a tizzy
I messed up an order and the family was unhappy
They wanted cheerful not my message that was sappy
I tried running away but I tripped and fell over
Maybe my luck is changing… I fell on a four-leaf clover

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Keep the Pen Moving

Netflix has a new docuseries called The Mortified Guide. People stand in front of audiences and read from their childhood journals.

Can you imagine???

I’m pretty sure that I wouldn't want to re-read my journals let alone share them with anyone. For the most part, I was okay as a kid but there were definitely… issues.

Despite not wanting to revisit the words of a very confused, teenaged Sheon, I am reminded that writing has always been an important part of who I am. It’s how I process and express myself. I’ve said before that the cat doesn’t have my tongue, depression does so writing in my journal helps me through difficult times. I can open it up and be painfully honest without fear of judgment. Even if what is going on isn’t that bad, writing about it first helps me to sort out and organize my thoughts and feelings.
Aside from the therapeutic use, I really enjoy writing. My first poem was written to impress the PE teacher that I had a crush on in middle school. I wrote a lot of poems expressing the love and pain of teenage life. When I got older, they were about unrequited love.
Personal essays are my go to now.
I don’t journal much anymore but maybe I should start back. The last journal that I kept, I chose to burn. There was too much pain in it and I needed it to go away. I turned the pages to ash so that a phoenix could rise from it.
I’m a Black lesbian who’s struggled with mental health issues. I’d have a unique perspective and leaving behind a journal of my life experiences could help someone years from now.
Poems, essay, journals… doesn’t really matter. I just have to remember to keep the pen moving.

Running on empty, with nothing left in me but doubt
I picked up a pen
And wrote my way out
("Wrote My Way Out" from "The Hamilton Mixtape")

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Writing Therapy

The cat doesn’t have my tongue.
Depression does

I get stuck in my head. I wander around the halls of my mind and open doors that lead to dark places. It gets worse with each door that I open. I can’t scream. I can’t call out for help. I’m trapped in a maze of my own misery. I’m running and searching for an out. I’m tired.

Too tired to talk.

I keep running. I keep opening doors. I’m looking for light on the other side and then I see it…

...a pen and a pad.

I sit. I write.

The cat doesn’t have my tongue.
Depression does.

But it doesn’t have my words.

Friday, September 29, 2017


Fear will be the death of her

Piece by piece she will perish
Her professional drive
Her creative spirit
Her desire to walk in her truth
Casualties of something she can't touch
But that touches her
All of her potential will fall victim
To the cold and unforgiving

Fear will be the death of her

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sometimes a Song Says it All

Written for episode 599, “Seriously?,” of the public radio program This American Life. The show asked Sara Bareilles to write a song from the point of view of President Obama considering the 2016 presidential election and the candidacy of Donald Trump. Leslie Odom Jr. performed the song for the show. (

The 3rd verse says it all:

One man
Rewriting the book on bad behavior
Maybe cheats the neighbors
Feels he gets what they pay for
We can't
Pat him on the back and send him on through
No man's ignorance will ever be his virtue
Is this the best we can be?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

In The Way

I need to write
I want to write
But, as usual
I'm in the way

Striving for perfection
    before pen hits paper
Frozen with a fear
    of inadequacy

I'm my own worst enemy

I need to write
I want to write
But, as usual
I'm in the way

How do I fight an
    enemy that is me
How do I save myself
    from myself